4 Amazing Ways How You Can Wow Your Long Distance Partner


It’s crazy how you’re with this person for 6 months, some of the best months of your life, and yet you’re separated by a country that’s 250 miles away.

When you’re young and have no responsibilities this can seem like a nightmare but as you get older you realize that time really does fly and you’ll never have this chance again.

Here are some tips on how you can strengthen your long distance relationship.

Try Out Sex Toys for a Long Distance Couple

Women are natural nymphos. We need love and affection but sometimes the day-to-day routine and stress of life get the better of us. Women find themselves yearning for some excitement.

We seek out sex toys because it will help us to scratch that itch and get our mojo going, at the same time that our partner will get a new angle of view of you.

I know that many couples will think the thought of using sex toys for a long distance relationship is weird or something that they’d never do but I can assure you that it’s just the opposite.

Using the best vibrators for long distance relationships has really brought my marriage to another level.

My husband and I have been through a lot over the past four years, two hard pregnancies and a horrible accident at work but we’ve still managed to make each other happy and this is all down to the new angles that we’ve discovered when we want to have sex.

I’ve discovered ways to please my husband that he never knew existed and I’m sure that you’ll do the same.

So next time you’re getting bored with your partner, maybe it’s been a week or two, why not take them on an exciting journey and see what a new angle on life can bring you?

If you’re a wife, give your husband a head massage with a sexy night cream.

If you’re a boyfriend, give your girlfriend a hand job and let her know how lucky she is to have you in her life.

You could be getting closer to making your long distance relationship even stronger than ever.

Don’t Give Up

By keeping on you’re telling your partner that you love them, want to be with them, and won’t give up until they’re at your door.

It doesn’t have to be expensive but rather to spend time together and take some time out for yourselves to recharge.

A simple trip to a theme park for the weekend could be just the thing to do and a great way to show your partner you care and you’ll be back in no time.

Spend Some Time Apart

Try and make your time apart as little as possible but if you can’t do that just try and spend as much time together as you can.

As much as your heart will break for that moment when you see that smiling face at the airport, remember you’re only a text away.

You’ll want to talk to each other but you’ve got a job to do. You’ll both miss each other when you go back home but you’ll both be happier.

Go on Holiday with Your Partner

If your partner lives in Scotland for example, book a trip back to Glasgow and go out for lunch and spend the day with him or her.

You’ll always be welcome. Everyone is so happy to see you both and it’s a great way to keep the relationship going.

  • Don’t be afraid to change.
  • Don’t keep your partner in a box.
  • Don’t be afraid to learn a new thing or do something different.
  • If your partner has never cooked a meal before then learn how to cook one for them.

Your time together will be that much sweeter.

I know that from previous experience because I love to be independent and the idea of giving up control to another person really terrifies me.

However, I’ve realized that this time apart will only make you stronger. It’ll help you appreciate each other more.