A Few Unique Ideas For More Adventurous Bachelor Parties


If you’re the kind of person who thinks hanging out at a bar all night for a bachelor party is a waste of a great opportunity to hang out with your good mates, you’re certainly not the only one. Organising a more interesting bucks party than the standard fare makes for a much more interesting occasion that will guarantee far more memorable memories. The problem then is knowing what constitutes a more interesting bucks party! No need to fear, though – in this article, we take a look at a few great ideas to make your next bucks parties more of an occasion and less of a bore.

Make the most of the ocean

It’s unfortunate that even the best strippers on the Sunshine Coast won’t save a lacklustrebucks party. Rather than lounging around and drinking for a whole day, a much better way to hang out with buddies is through sports – whether it be a few leisurely rounds of golf in the sunshine or a weekend of intensive hiking, you’ll be given the opportunity to really hang out with the people you’re sharing a bucks event with. Much of your planning will be related to what the buck is interested in – for example, if they love to surf and spend every second they can spare in the ocean, a buck’s surfing weekend can provide a lot of fun. Even if they don’t know how to surf but have expressed some interest, organising some group lessons can lead to a lot of fun! If the soon to be groom likes the water but prefers to stay on top of sea level, it might be a good idea to organise a deep sea fishing expedition – this way, you’ll be able to spend a day or two relaxing and joking around, without a care in the world!

High-octane thrills create better experiences

If the buck enjoys a bit of adrenaline, it might be a good idea to organise a hang gliding expedition for him – finding a school shouldn’t be too difficult, and it is something that would certainly make for some interesting photos! Similarly, skydiving or bungie jumping can provide ample adrenaline, and this is certainly something everyone in the troupe will remember for a long time to come! If you prefer sticking to nice, stable ground, organising a race-car driving school for the groom – especially if he’s already into cars – will make him a happy man indeed. This also provides the opportunity for him to let off some pent up steam , especially if you know he’s a bit nervous about the big upcoming party or event! If your friend is big into rock climbing, consider taking them climbing to a special, scenic place they can climb. Otherwise, taking them out for a bouldering day can give them the same experience without much of the added danger.

Listen up to the needs of the buck

Finding the right experience for your buck shouldn’t be too difficult at all if you know them well enough – having a firm grasp of their interests and hobbies can help you determine whether they prefer skydiving or golf – choosing the wrong thing in this case might upset them, after all!a