Do Not Make These Common Dating Mistakes


Going on a first date brings mixed feelings, but for most, it brings a feeling of excitement. Who wouldn’t love to be on a date in the first place? However, too much excitement can have a negative effect on your dating experience. If you are going on a date, especially for the first time, make sure you do not make these common mistakes:

  • Being touchy 

Some men are too excited to get intimate with their date that they forgot to be a gentleman. Always treat your date with respect and gentleness. You can show your affection in a non-offensive way such as holding your date’s hand when climbing the stairs. Make sure that your gestures are natural, warm, and friendly. Don’t drape your arm around her neck, especially if you are still in the getting to know phase. 

  • Swearing 

There are women who like bad boys, but for many, it is a major turn off. You might think that you look cool because you swear a lot, but to be honest, you look like uneducated. If you have the habit of always dropping the F-bomb, then now is the best time to start removing it from your vocabulary.  

  • Being impolite 

Your first date creates the tone of your relationship. By not being a gentleman, you are sending a message to your date that you are not interested. Even if you don’t like your date, you still have to be a perfect gentleman. Treat her right because every woman deserves to be respected. 

  • Offensive jokes 

Personality plays a huge role in the overall success of your date. Some men throw jokes without realizing that they’re too offensive. Instead of making their date happy, they end up making their date angry. A date that didn’t go well the first time is a recipe for disaster. Do not let one offensive joke ruin your chances of finding the love of your life. 

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