Everything you need to know about sex designation


The topic of sex designation has slowly become controversial over the years. Before now, everyone had their designated sex at birth, which could be found in the birth certificate. However, the world is changing, and discoveries are being made daily. When you were born, designated sex was given to you based on your genitalia, so? Why is the concept of sex designation a big deal? The popular saying that sex is not binary is true because there are more complexities to the topic of gender, especially when considering the chromosomal and complex biological changes that could occur in an individual’s lifetime. Hence, it is true that sex is not binary, and as such, there are various underlying reasons why you can choose not to identify as the gender assigned to you at birth.

However, it is important to note that not everybody has their gender defined at birth, as there are various changes that must have occurred along the line. Have you ever wondered why there are multiple types of porn videos on the internet, or why we have the LGBTQi+ community? A lot of finding and exploring the concept of sex is ongoing. While some individuals debunk the possibility of having different genders asides from the one assigned at birth, others find their newly found gender as the right one for their personality.

How can I know the right gender to identify with?

As mentioned earlier, sex is not binary, so it is possible that you were assigned a male at birth, and truly you feel your personality is not anywhere similar to a male. Here are some of the means of finding out your actual gender, asides from the one assigned at birth.

Understand the concept of sexual orientation:

One of the main means of knowing the gender to identify with, asides from the one assigned to you at birth, is by understanding gender orientation. As mentioned earlier, sex designation has been argued to become obsolete as you grow. In fact, the more you explore yourself and your assigned gender at birth, the more you might see reasons to identify as something different. We have the LGBTQi+ community today because most of them have taken their time to understand the concept of sexual orientation. It helps you know which gender best suits your personality, the one you feel attracted to most, irrespective of the gender assigned to you at birth. Hence, the reason why we have homosexuals and transgender people.

There’s nothing wrong with being assigned a male at birth and becoming a transgender woman afterward. This means that you have taken time to explore your sexuality, and the assigned gender at birth doesn’t work for you. So, if you don’t have a definitive gender at the moment, it’s okay. You just need to explore your sexuality more and be open-minded. Understand the concept of sexual orientation, and you can also learn from porn videos online. There’s no one way to understand the topic of sex and gender identity; keep your options open and explore as much as you can.