Is Male Masturbator Good Or Bad?


We are living in a modern world in which everyone is busy doing his or her work. Late night work has put a very bad effect on our sex life. Dissatisfaction from your sex partner is very common these and it is increasing day by day in males. Males nowadays face more sexual problems than women. As a man, he has a lot of burden of his family so he feels frustrated and masturbates a lot. Over masturbation has a lot increased in teenage boys as they think masturbation the only solution to their stress. Masturbation is not bad until it is done in a healthy way and in the limit. Studies have done by the large universities around the globe that male masturbation is good of bad and the studies said that masturbation has no side-effects on your body till you not do excess of it.

Masturbation in males is increasing day by day so now male masturbators have given masturbation a good and healthy way in which he can enjoy oneself. This male masturbator helps you to not feel alone or depressed as they are very easy to use and they are totally safe also when used in a limit. Let me tell you what are the pros and cons of male masturbator?

Pros Of Male Masturbator

  • Intense Pleasure– The Male masturbator helps the person to get the intense pressure which one can’t achieve with his partner, so for better sexual pleasure you should try these masturbators.
  • Adjusting Intensity– Some guys want to have long sexual pleasure and few guys short so it also helps to adjust the intensity of the masturbator so adjust it according to your mood.
  • Skin Safe– They are totally skin safe as the manufacture take the proper care and check the material which does not harm your skin and are totally safe for your body.
  • Waterproof And Rechargeable – These masturbators are waterproof as well as rechargeable so that you can enjoy your alone time anywhere and the rechargeable feature is good to carry it with yourself.

Cons Of Male Masturbator

  • Over usage- Excessive usage of male masturbator can be very harmful and dangerous; it led to cause sexual problems later on. So, use it in with given guidelines.
  • Heart Patients– Male masturbator and strictly not for heart patients. The masturbator is not for the heart patients as it can cause you a heart attack or other heart problems.
  • Never Use Masturbator After Drugs– The combination of drugs and masturbator must be avoided. You must always take care that you never use these masturbators when you are on drugs.
  • Don’t Use Masturbator While Sleeping– Don’t use masturbator while falling asleep. Some guys use these masturbators and go to sleep. It is very dangerous and causes very serious damage to male organs.

So, here were the pros and cons of male masturbators. As we all know that everything has both good as well as a bad side also for further details you can visit So, now it depends upon you how you use it. Make sure you carefully read the guidelines while using these male masturbators.