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In recent years, the use of mobile dating apps or dating apps by homosexual men has increased. Running on smartphones and operating with GPS; the dating apps link users closely and regularly in real-time with others. Such apps allow users to create profiles and connect to achieve multiple objectives, including casual sex, dating or networking. Unlike traditional dating websites, dating applications seem to reduce match time; dating applications bring together strangers. There has been a rising emphasis in the university world on the prevalence of dating apps. Researchers have taken different approaches to research these technologies and their uses. 

Accordingly, the literature on gay chat dating apps is developed in various disciplines, namely sociology and psychology, as well as in various fields, such as communication studies and gender studies. Specifically based on the interactions between communication technologies and culture, this article discusses studies that examine communicative behaviours and social connections facilitated by dating apps, rather than the connection between dating app usage and sexual risk activities that concerns HIV prevention researchers. Online gay networking and messaging rooms are available 24 hours a day, so their friends can work or engage in other online activities, and other friends can be found within a single click. People from all over the world can make friends and speak with them whenever they feel lonely. If they need a companion or want to express or share a moment of joy or grief, the internet is their free choice.

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