Taking care of your sex doll


Do you own a sex doll? Not sure how exactly you are going to take care of your sex doll so that you are able to give it an elongated lifespan? Well, having a sex doll for yourself can be a really good idea especially if you know how exactly you are going to take care of it. So, here we have come up with a few interesting ways by which you will be able to take care of your sex doll and elongate its lifespan:

Wash your sex doll regularly: You must make it a point to give a good wash to your sex doll at regular intervals. Otherwise, germs and bacteria may infest your sex doll and cause massive damage to you as well as your sex doll. You can try washing your sex doll with good quality soap and water. You can also spray some kind of antiseptic on it to make sure that the doll is properly sterilized after every single usage. There are special soaps available for sex dolls as well that you can use in order to clean your sex doll regularly. The silicone sex doll that is available in the market is also quite easy to wash.

Get clothes for your sex doll: You can also buy clothes for your sex dolls at regular intervals. This is going to protect the body of your sex doll from damage and is also going to increase its lifespan. You can get beautiful pieces of clothing for your sex doll to give it a really good look. This is also going to make you feel really happy and satisfied. You can also try to change the look of your sex doll at regular intervals and give it a completely different appearance.

Dry your sex doll properly: Moisture is not the best friend of your sex doll. Moisture accumulation can cause a lot of damage to your sex doll. That is why you should carefully dry your sex dolls so that it is completely moisture-free. You can also air-dry your sex doll to remove every bit of moisture from the body. Especially take care of the sexual organs. Make it a point to dry them carefully so that there is no moisture accumulation there.

Clean its hair: You should also make it a point to clean the hair of your sex doll at least once a week. You can remove the wig from your sex doll and wash it with a good quality shambo. Dry the hair properly before you put it back on your sex doll. You can also use a hairdryer to dry the wig before you start using it again. This entire process can be repeated twice to thrice a week.

Apply powder: You can also apply a lightweight powder on the entire body of your sex doll. This is going to keep the sex doll fresh at all times. It will also give a very good fragrance and that is going to make the sex doll more appealing to you. There are different types of powders available that you can use on your sex doll. However, try avoiding one such powder that has got a lot of harsh chemicals on it as it can cause damage to the body of the set doll. Also, carefully wash the powder while you are giving a bath to your sex doll.

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