Tips to earn money on cam model site Chaturbate


Do you want to get the best tips to make money on Chaturbate? Now you can become one among the successful performers and content creators on the platform. In this article, we will teach you what is most important or how to enhance your income?

Get some gear first

As you can see, many cam girls used vibrators and other gears during broadcasting online. Most men love to watch women’s using vibrators and other stuff on the show. Apart from this, you need to purchase a good HD webcam or decent laptop to connect with your subscribers and fans.

Create a customized bio

Many camgirls don’t create an attractive bio. That’s a big mistake. A customized bio allows people to connect with the audience better and allows them to consider you better. User bio is a way to talk with them and tell a bit about yourself, like what you would love to do most.


Many users don’t enjoy porn and adult shows as compared to they love teasing before reaching the goal and get sexual encounters. To do so, you have to wear some sexy clothes and flash your body parts such as boobs, ass, or do naked. Try to keep these shows long until you get a pleasurable sexual encounter. This will help to make 500 tokens in a few minutes at the cam model site.

Bring your partner or do sex

Don’t be afraid of doing sex in front of a camera. You can bring anyone as per gender stats to do sex on camera. Doing sex on camera is one of the best ways to make money. People love to see sex scenes that you can do with friends and boyfriend. Several couples do sex on Chaturbate and make a lot of money.

Do short sex videos

Rather than do a camgirl pack that is quite boring often days, you would love to create short sex videos with friends and boyfriends. You get more appreciation from fans and subs for short videos.

Create story sex videos

Everyone is story curious then it doesn’t matter that it’s a porn video or movie. You need to create some great sex stories to entice your fans and try to do fantasies. You can try something different every time while doing sex in front of a camera. For more information, you go to the cam model site.