How is a body-to-body massage performed correctly?


Couples often use erotic massage for relaxation and new sensations. It is a sensual method that allows you to get closer to each other. If you are shy or afraid to talk to your partner about this topic, it is worth exploring the benefits of this type of foreplay in more detail. 

Firstly, body-to-body massage in Frankfurt can bring out your femininity and give you new sensations. Secondly, every man would love to try this relaxation with his partner. Of course, you can get even closer through these relaxation techniques. So don’t be shy and don’t think that something could go wrong. This is where you need to take action and get the maximum pleasure out of the process.

Details are an important part of a successful massage

Body-to-body massage is one sensual technique that will bring you closer together and give you new sensations. You don’t need to have any special skills to surprise your partner. All you need to do is buy a high-quality massage oil that relaxes your muscles and your muscles. This is very important to relieve tension.

  • It starts with setting the right mood, making your partner feel comfortable and welcome, and ends with perfect deep relaxation.
  • It’s all about creating arousal through gentle, sexy movements and caresses on the arms, neck, feet, and head. You can also touch your partner’s erogenous zones, but not all at once, instead of approaching them slowly.
  • You can create a playlist of songs with a special meaning for both of you or incorporate elements that evoke pleasant memories, such as a particular scent or fabric.

Regardless of the preparation, it is important to listen to your partner’s needs, reactions and feelings. It is essential to make this process as pleasant and relaxing as possible for both partners.

Where do you start with an erotic massage?

There is no clear rule to follow during an erotic massage. But it is worth paying attention to the atmosphere you need to create for your partner. The most important thing is not to be shy and to be as open as possible. Try to realize all your ideas. Start gently and carefully and gently move on to your partner’s intimate areas. And the most important thing is that you end up having maximum pleasure from the hot sex after the massage. Use different relaxation techniques to find your massage. Each couple is experimenting and searching for their version of arousal, relaxation, and satisfaction. Relaxation through massage is the best choice for couples!