Is it safe to visit an escort home in Paris?


When you are going for escorts, you have two options, either in-call or outcall. When you choose in-call, it means you will visit the escort in her house. When you are visiting an escort Paris, then there are some rules which you should follow, take a look:

Make sure you are clean and tidy: Surely, personal hygiene is of grave importance and it gets even more important when it is about getting close and intimate with someone. Make sure you get ready properly for this meeting, either in a hotel or at home. Always take proper shower and dress in tidy clothes and make sure you brush your teeth properly. If you are all smelly and perspiring, then the escort will not be as happy and enthusiastic as she should be when seeing you. She may not be able to give her best and may ask you to go for a shower first, which may wipe your hours.

Do not snoop around: Make sure you don’t mess with the things in the escort’s house. Do not check her drawers or misplace stuff. You should act like a guest in her house and behave well.

Do not overstay: Well, it is obvious that escorts work on a busy schedule and surely they will not have time to hang around for you more than the pre-decided hours. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to rush out the very minute her services are over, but make sure you don’t take too much time to leave either. Usually, the escort will allow you to take a quick shower before you go out, but do not go for a leisure bath. Respect the escort’s time and also know that she needs to prepare for the next meeting.

Do not make a mess: Some customers don’t care a lot about making a mess at the escort’s house and this may make her angry or mad. If you are using her washroom, then make sure you flush the toilet and wipe the puddles on the bathroom floor. Also dispose the condom suitably and do not leave it lying in the mid of the room or bathroom. If she offers you something to eat or drink, then try doing it neatly. The right way is to behave yourself and just act like you have visited a friend’s house.

Do not seek all the attention towards yourself: A lot of escorts like to do their job as a secret which means that you shouldn’t draw too much attention to yourself while leaving or visiting their place. She would surely not want to compromise her privacy. Try to be very compose and discrete and do not make a scene in case you aren’t very happy with the service. Behave your best and treat the escort with great respect.

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